We activate.

We activate spaces by optimising unused moments. We do this through a serie of various projects described on this page.

Pilot 2023: 'Use your space for social impact'

In June 2023, the Municipality of Amsterdam and Usespace jointly launched the pilot ‘Use your space for social impact’. The pilot focused on utilizing unused office space – preferably outside working hours – as the city faces significant space scarcity. Fourteen Amsterdam offices have made their space available to 28 social organizations, creating 423 new moments of use.

Usespace Network

The platform connects social organizations that are looking for space with a network of space providers. Whether you need a location for an event, recurring rehearsals, workshops or another type of activity, our platform is designed to promote easy connections.

Office Suites

Office Suites, or temporary living units, offer an innovative solution for the increasing need for temporary living space in urban areas. These re-mountable units can be quickly installed on temporarily vacant office floors, providing a quick and flexible solution for people in urgent need of accommodation.


MEOW is a platform that connects professionals with premium hotels for an exceptional work environment with world-class hospitality. Members book a coworking spot in a lively common area or a private hotel room office. There is no need for monthly subscription.

World Trade Center Amsterdam

In collaboration with CBRE IM, Usespace is working on the activation of the plinth of the World Trade Center Amsterdam. The goal is not only to create activation and liveliness for the employees, but also to make the building more accessible to the neighborhood and to build a bridge between these different users.

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