5 reasons to join the movement


Why would an office utilize its space for social impact outside its primary use?

Intrinsic motivation

By opening your office to societal initiatives, you create social impact. Generating social impact increases the intrinsic motivation of all involved parties.


Both visitors and employees witness how your office is used for the city, which is increasingly important nowadays. Visitors and workers will prefer offices that visibly create social impact.

PR & Marketing

Opening up an office space to society can result in positive PR and publicity.


Starting in 2024, certain companies in the EU are required to report on their sustainability. The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) is a European directive for sustainability reporting. This directive mandates businesses to report on their sustainability using various sustainability criteria.


By welcoming diverse users into your office, cross-pollination occurs. This could involve a scenario where an artist organizes art workshops for your employees, a childcare facility allowing employees to bring their children, or activities for the elderly where both young and old meet, fostering team building.

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