Together we make space available for anyone.

By expanding the use of space over time. 

What we did so far:

m2 space double used
Extra hours used
People placed
Activities hosted

Traditional building use

Currently buildings are designed and built for one primary function. An office, a school, a house or a store. Outside the primary hours the spaces remain unused.

Blended building use

We analyse when a building is not used for its primary function, so we can match and activate the unused moments in time.


In an ideal world, we only have buildings that are so flexibly designed that they can support almost every activity.

Usespace network

We’ve created a bèta version of a platform to connect social organisations seeking space with a network of space providers. Whether you’re in need of a venue for an event, reoccurring rehearsals, workshops, or any other type of activity, our platform is designed to foster easy connections. 


“it is like Tinder for social space!”


Start exploring the Usespace network

We activate

We activate spaces by optimising unused moments

We advise

We advise real estate developers to make optimal buildings

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We develop

We develop blended venues

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